Early Learning Academy for Gifted and Talented

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The Early Learning Academy provides its young students from 9 months till 5 year with a stimulating, accelerated and advanced school program. Each child benefits from the expertise of the teachers and the teaching assistants. The students are divided in small groups till 5 students in accordance with their cognitive level rather than their age. Our exclusive Early Learning School program ‘One-to-one’ is also offered in private households, estates and corporations of royalty, VIP, celebrities, top executives and professional families worldwide. The curriculum is carefully tailored to meet the needs of this age group, their natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. All classes are taught in an intensive manner.

Subjects will be selected from: Mathematics, General science, Computer Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, History, Geography, Visual Arts, Music, Vocal and Physical Education. The piano lessons one-to-one will be offered from 4 years old.

Near-native or native speakers with a university degree or conservatorium.

"Learning is a process of finding patterns that connect” (Bateson 1972). If we believe this, we must give our students a chance to play an active role in focusing the direction of their learning, and build on their previous experiences and knowledge. In order to do this, the program takes a curricular approach with inquiry at the center. It is not a method, but a philosophy that guides program development and student learning. Especially in the Early Years, it is vitally important that learning activities are structured in such a way that the children can make connections to their previous experiences.

We acknowledge that children are full of curiosity and constantly constructing their own meaning. The teacher supports them in being active learners and inquirers. Through the inquiry approach, children are given time to acquire relevant knowledge, to make connections, and to reflect on and consolidate what they have learned.

Our mission is to offer your child advanced educational opportunities designed to specifically serve your child’s needs, interests and goals. If the student has entered our school at the age of 1, at the end of the fifth year, the students will operate on the level of 7-8 years old children at national and International schools. In general the prospective students will complete their school program at 13 and will enter the undergraduate program at Harvard supervised by TopClassTutors.org on our locations or in private households, estates and corporations of royalty, VIP, celebrities, top executives and professional families worldwide.

  Academy students


General information

School year

12 months per year, excluding official public holidays



Type of program

Day & Boarding


9 months - 5 years

Time settings to select

Day students:8.45-15.00 or 9.00-17.30
Boarding students: only 9.00-17.30 (Boarding options, click here)


Small group (till 5) or one-to-one

Before & after classes

Educational & physical activities


Study, sport, creative camps will be offered


University degree with first aid diplomas


Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, dinner (for Boarding students)
Lunch, snack (for Day students)


Predominantly Organic, International

Food, special needs

e.g. Islamic & Jewish and others, an additional fee applies

School fee

On the enrolment form, see registration page


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Early Leaning  

Day students Monday to Friday

Days per week






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Total fee per month

€ 1200

€ 1500

€ 1000

€ 1250

€ 800

€ 1000

€ 550

€ 700

€ 300

€ 400

Average fee per hour

€ 8.70

€ 8.02

€ 9.09

€ 8.36

€ 9.69

€ 8.91

€ 10.00

€ 9.36

€ 10.90

€ 10.70


Day students weekend 9.00-15.00

Fee per month

Saturday & Sunday, 8 days

€ 960

Only Saturday, 4 days

€ 500

Only Sunday, 4 days

€ 550

Boardng students

Fee per month

Full boarding

€ 2000

Weekly boarding Monday till Friday

€ 1690

Weekend boarding, Saturday till Sunday

€ 960

“Education is not received, it is achieved.” -Unknown