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Welcome to Early Learning School Einstein

The Early Learning Center at the Albert Einstein Foundation provides its young students  from 9 months till 5 year with a stimulating and supportive introduction to school life.  Each class benefits from the expertise of a  teacher and teaching assistant. The curriculum is carefully tailored to meet the needs of this age group,  their natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. All classes will be taught in an intensive manner.

Native speakers with university degree or conservatorium.

"Learning is a process of finding patterns that connect” (Bateson 1972). If we believe this, we must give our students a chance to play an active role in focusing the direction of their learning, and build on their previous experiences and knowledge. In order to do this, the program takes a curricular approach with inquiry at the center. It is not a method, but a philosophy that guides program development and student learning.

Especially in the Early Years, it is vitally important that learning activities are strctured in such a way that the children can make connections to their previous experiences.

We acknowledge that children are full of curiosity and constantly constructing their own meaning. The teacher supports them in being active learners and inquirers. Through the inquiry approach, children are given time to acquire relevant knowledge, to make connections, and to reflect on and consolidate what they have learned.

Our mission is to offer your child advanced educational opportunities designed to specifically serve your child’s needs, interests and goals.

  AEIS students
English Spanish Russian
German Dutch French
World history Mathematics Science and Technology
Computer Science Drama Vocal
Violin Social education Physical Education
  Early Learning Xmas
Early Leaning  
Hours During the school year
Staff 2 teachers with first aid diplomas per group
Homework From time to time a child may take a piece of work home to complete or have a simple research task to do.
Arrival and departure Between 7.45 and 18.30
Classes between 10.00-15.00
Before and after the classes educational and physical activities are offered
Locations The Nederlands: eg.  Amsterdam, Amstelveen
Transport  Comfortable transport available in North-Holland
Meals Breakfast
Cost Please see the enrolment form
  Early Learning Tools IBM
“Education is not received, it is achieved.” -Unknown